Artjamie - Artist Profile

Jamie Dorney: By Jenny Almann

"Jamie's artworks offer insight and understanding into the exceptional realms of this gifted young man, whose verbal communication is limited. We are invited to participate, visually in a world that is essentially compassionate, non violent, curious and uplifting. This is Jamie's world. The works are on canvas and paper. The execution of Jamie's work indicates an intuitive, spontaneous and analytical approach in a wide variety of media. The freshness of his paintings would suggest a world that is unencumbered by performance angst, reticence and fear of failure. Jamie's individuality frees him of the shackles of his peers and almost cherishes his work, both when in process and on completion. His works convey a sensuality and sensitivity which infer an ability to live in the ever fresh, present moment. He can "Be Here Now". Jamie's art works reflect his loveable personality which is innocent, honest and also refer to his inherent capacity for joy and his love of laughter. Jamie has a passion for the calendar year and people's birthdays, Christmas, Easter and any cause for celebration. This obsession verges on a brilliance art remembering the dates of all such occasions. He uses this gift wisely."

Jenny Altmann BA (Fine Art) HONS
Dip F. Art QCA
Lecturer in Painting
Warrnambool Campus
(School of Creative Arts)

Art Jamie