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To Whom It May Concern

This is to confirm that Gasworks Art Park was glad to have Jamie Dorney's exhibition Art Jamie III in the Foyer Gallery from 1st August - 21st August 2005.

Jamie's exhibition was a great asset to the exhibition schedule and gained media interest from the start. Our regular visitors were interested and enjoyed the exhibition while the work brought new visitors to teh gallery.

It was a pleasure to have Jamie's work with us and we hope he will come back to Gasworks in the future.

Helen Renwick
Acting Visual Arts Manager
22 August 2005

Exhibition: ART JAMIE: Drawings and Paintings
Location: Warrnambool Art Gallery - George Lance Gallery.
Exhibition Date: 8 -21 September 2003

Warrnambool artist, Jamie Dorney is currently studying art at South West Institute of TAFE with assistance of local artist Amanda McCaffrey. This collection of recent work explores people, places and identity through the use of various mediums including acrylic and crayon on canvas, charcoal, pen and ink. Although the works are “untitled”, familiar images can be found in Jamie Dorney’s work, such as the Fletcher Jones ball, family and technological iconography. “Art Jamie” was developed with assistance of local artist Jenny Altmann.

Exhibition: Switched On
Location: Warrnambool Art Gallery - George Lance Gallery.
Exhibition Date: 2 -15 December 2002

Switched On is a mixed media, art installation representing ten local artists exploring the theme of relationships and communication. Exhibition Curator: Chelsey Reis, assisted by Adam Harding and Karine Storer. Artists: Daniel, Benson, Daniel Byrne, Jamie Dorney, Joel Mahony, Terry Neeson, Katherine Pimblett, Leonie Roberts, Daniel Ryan, Michael Sancil, Bernie Scott.

Art Jamie